Publicación de la semana: “In the Life of Cities”

“In the Life of Cities”

Editado por: Lars Müller Publishers
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 978-3-03778-302-3
Año: 2012
Autor: Varios autores
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Sobre el libro:

La influencia que tiene el diseño de los espacios públicos en las relaciones humanas es lo que trata el libro en donde se comparan los lugares más emblemáticos de ciudades tan diversas como Buenos Aires, El Cairo, Detroit, Yakarta, Johannesburgo, París, Quito, San Petersburgo, Tel Aviv  y Toronto. En los 25 ensayos del libro escritos por arquitectos y urbanistas, se busca dar respuesta a cómo el diseño urbano define la vida urbana y la identidad de una ciudad, y cómo el diseño influye en lo que ocurre en ella.


– Tale of Cities / Mohsen Mostafavi
– Sao Paulo, Minhocao / Ioana Marinescu
– Infrastructure and Urban Scenarios: The Voice Georges Pompidou and the Future of Paris / Antoine Picon
– Baku: Oil and Urbanism at the Edge of the New Europe / Eve Blau
– Off-Modern Urbanism: St. Petersburg and Tirana / Svetlana Boym
– En Route to Dakar / Mimi Mollica
– Caracas Ingenuity / Iwan Baan
– Ghostly Cracks and Urban Deceptions: Jakarta / AbdouMalig Simone
– Tokyo Stainless / Adam Magyar
– Buenos Aires: A Tale of Two Cities? / Jorge Silvetti
– Quito: Between Consolidated City and New Frontier / Felipe Correa
– Invisible London / George Georgiou
– Chicago, Transparent City / Michael Wolf
– Egypt Speaks for Itself in Tahrir Square: Cairo / Nasser Rabbat
– Mobile Johannesburg / Lindsay Bremmer
– Whiteout City: Tel Aviv’s Culture of the New / Rafi Segal
– Moscow: Inside the State / Armin Linke
– Paris Street View / Michael Wolf
– The Changing Image of the City: Agricultural Urbanism in Detroit / Jana Cephas
– Toronto Stories: Urban Specificity and the Metropolitan Generic / Charles Waldheim
– Hong Kong’s Architecture of Density / Michael Wolf
– Bucharest in Transition / Ioana Marinescu
– Architecture and Amnesia in Indian Modernity / Arjun Appadurai
– Post-Planning in Mumbai / Rahul Mehrotra
– Mumbai Dreams and Counterdreams / Gyan Prakash
– Houston: Contrasts and Contradictions / Charlie Koolhaas

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“The city has expanded in many directions and in many ways. In new developments, food is often relegated to basement food malls distinguished by banal, badly lit spaces. Nevertheless, in Tokyo as in most other big cities, food plays a major role in the life and culture of the place, and it is possible to find an incredible array of restaurants serving what can at times be wonderful food in architecturally traditional or modern settings that in their serenity seem far away from the reality of the mall outside. Tokyo is full of such contrasts between the prosaic and the highly refined. Like other cities, it also benefits from the distinctness of its various districts and neighborhoods”.