Publicación de la semana: “Ecological Urbanism”

“Ecological Urbanism”

Editado por: Harvard University Graduate School of Design – Mohsen Mostafavi y Gareth Doherty
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 978-3-03778-189-0
Año: 2010
Autor: Varios autores
Dónde encontrarlo: En este link de Amazon

Sobre el libro:

La publicación de esta semana obliga al lector, en primera instancia, a evaluar la relación de la sociedad civil con el medio ambiente y los efectos de su conducta en el mismo. En este sentido, entrega la pauta para ejercer un juicio valorativo de los usos que se le han otorgado a ciertos espacios públicos, que en algún momento quedaron obsoletos, y el aporte que significaron para las ciudades una vez regenerados gracias a intervenciones urbanas o políticas públicas. El libro entrega una visión global del urbanismo ecológico, desde el cambio climático, pasando por los materiales utilizados en arquitectura, hasta la sostenibilidad, un área que, según los autores, falta promover en las áreas urbanas. Un contenido incluido en el libro es la intervención urbana “Play me, I’m yours”, del artista británico Luke Jerram.


Why Ecological Urbanism? Why not? – Mohsen Mostafavi


Advancement versys Apocalypse – Rem Koolhaas
Zeekracht – OMA
Mumbai on my mind: Some thoughts on sustainability – Homi K. Bhabha
Urban Earth: Mumbai – Daniel Raven – Ellison and Kye Askins
Notes on the Third Ecology – Sanford Kwinter
Social Inequality and Climate Change – Ulrich Beck
For a Post-Environmentalism: Seven suggestions for a New Athenas Charter and The Weak Metropolis – Andrea Branzi
Weak Work: Andrea Branzi’s “Weak Metropolis” and the projective potencial of an “Ecological Urbanism” – Charles Waldheim
From “Sustain” to “Ability” – JDS Architects
Forty Years Later – Back to a Sub-lunar Earth – Bruno Latour


Art Fieldwork – Giuliana Bruno
Ecological Urbanism and/as Urban Metaphor – Lawrence Buell
Black and White in Green Cities – Lizabeth Cohen
The Return of Nature – Preston Scott Cohen and Erika Naginski
Urban Ecological Practise: Félix Guattari’s Three Ecologies – Verena Andermatt Conley
Retrofitting the City – Leland D. Cott
Productive Urban Enviroments – Margaret Crawford


The City from the Perspective of the Nose – Sissel Tolaas
Urban earth: Mexico City – Daniel Reven – Ellison
CitySense: An Urban-Scale Sensor Network – Matt Welsh abd Josh Bers
Eat Love – Marije Vogelzang
Self-Engineering Ecologies – Christine Outram, Assaf Biderman, and Carlo Ratti
There’s More to Green than Meets the Eye: Green Urbanism in Bahrain – Gareth Doherty
Play me, I’m yours – Luke Jerram
Mapping Main Street – Jesse Shapins, Kra Oehler, Ann Heppermann, and James Burns


Curating Resources – Niall Kirkwood
The Sea and Monsoon Whitin: A Mumbai Manifiesto – Anuradha Mathur and Dilip da Cunha
Transcendent Eco-cities or Urban Ecological Security? – Mike Hodson and Simon Marvin
New Waterscape for Singapore – Herbert Dreiseitl
To Raise the Water Level in a Fishpond – Zhang Huan
Envisioning Ecological Cities – Mitchell Joachim
Return to Nature – Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti, and Eyal Weizman
Harmonia 57 – Triptyque
Grounding a Sustainable Urban Strategy – Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Center Street Plaza – Hood Design


Energy Sub-structure, Supra-strcture, Infra-sctructure – D. Michelle Addington
Wave Farm – Pelamis Wave Power Ltd.
CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom – Vector Architects
Aux Farmes, Citoyens! – Dorothée Imbert
Local River: Home Storage Unit for Fish and Greens – Mathieu Lehanneur with Anthony van den Bossche
Soft Cities – KVA MATx
The ZEDfactory – Bill Dunster
Logroño Eco-city – MVRDV
The Big-Foot Revolution- Kongjian Yu
La Tour Vivante, Eco-tower – soa architects


Management Challenges in Urban Transformation: Organizing to Learn – Amy C. Edmonson
Air Purification in Cities – David Edwards
Social Justice and Ecological Urbanism – Susan S. Fainstein
Governing the Ecological City – Gerald E. Frug
Underground Future – Peter Galison
Temperate and Bounded – Edward Glaeser
Bioinspired Adaptive Architecture and Sustainability – Donald E. Ingber


Urban Ecology and the Arrangement of Nature in Urban Regions – Richard T.T. Forman
The Agency of Ecology – Chris Reed
New York City Infraestructure – Christoph Niemann
Redefining Infraestructure – Pierre Bélanger
User-Generated Urbanism – Rebar
Situating Urban Ecological Experiments in Public Space – Alexander J. Felson and Linda Pollak
A Holistic View of the Urban Phenomenon – Barcelona Urba Ecology Agency
Gwanggyo New City Park System – Yoonjin Park and Jungyoon Kim (PARKKIM)
A Methodology for Urban Innovation – Alfonso Vergara, Marck Dwyer, and Aaron Kelley
Greenmetropolis – Henri Bava, Erik Behrens, Steven Craig, and Alex Wall


Mobility, Infraestructure, and Society – Richard Sommer
Sustainable Urban Mobility through Light Electric Vehicles – William J. Mitchell
Sustainable Mobility in Action – Federico Parolotto
Sustaining the City in the Face of Advanced Marginality – Loïc Wacquant
A General Theory of Ecological Urbanism – Andrés Duany
The Political Ecology of Ecological Urbanism – Paul Robbins
The SynCity Urban Energy System Model – Niels Schulz, Nilay Shah, David Fisk, James Keirstead, Nouri Samsatli, Aruna Sivakumar, Celine Weber, and Ellind Saunders
Oil City: Petro-landscapes and Sustainable Futures – Michael Watts
Niger Delta Oil Fields – Ed Kashi
The Upway – Rafael Viñoly
GSD Research Nairobi Studio – Jacques Herzog, and Pierre de Meuron


Five Ecological Challenges for the Contemporary City – Stefano Boeri
Revolutionizing Architecture – Jeremy Rifkin
The Canary Project – Susannah Sayler
“Perfomalism”: Environmental Metrics and Urban Design – Susannah Hagan
Nature Culture – Kathryn Moore
Investigating the Importance of Customize Energy Model Inputs: A Case Study of Gund Hall – Holly A. Wasilowski and Cristoph F. Reinhart
Perception of Urban Density – Vicky Cheng and Koen Steemers
London’s Estuary Region – Sir Terry Farrell
Urban Earth: London – Daniel Raven-Elisson
Sustainability Iniciatives in London – Camilla Ween
Moving beyond LEED: Evaluationg Green at the Urban Scale – Thomas Schroepfer
Landscapes of Specialization – Bill Rankin
GSD RESEARCH. Hal a Million Trees: Prototyping Sites and Systems for Sustainable Cities – Kristin Frederickson and Gary Hilderbrand
SlaveCity – Atelier Van Lieshout
EcoBox/Self-Managed Eco-urban Network – atelier d’architecture autogérée
Temporary Urban Scene: Beach on the Moon – Ecosistema Urbano


Comfort and Carbon Footprint – Alex Krieger
Ecological Urbanism and Health Equity – An Ecosocial Perspective – Nancy Krieger
Nature, Infraestructures, and the Urban Condition – Antoine Picon
Sustainability and Lifestyle – Spiro Pollalis
Ecological Urbanism and the Landscape – Martha Schwartz
Old Dark – John Stilgoe
Religious Studies and Ecological Urbanism – Donald K. Swearer
Ecological Urbanism and East Asian Literatures – Karen Thornber


Insurgent Ecologies: (Re)Claiming Ground in Landscape and Urbanism – Nina-Marie Lister
Performative Wood: Integral Computational Design for a Climate-Responsive Timber Surface Structure – Achim Menges
Shrinking Gotham’s Footprint – Laurie Kerr
Adaptative in Architecture – Hoberman Associates, Ziggy Drozdowski and Shawn Gupta
GSD RRESEARCH. Climate Change, Water, Land Development, and Adaptation: Planning with Uncertainty (Almere, the Netherlands) – Armando Carbonell, Martin Zogran, and Dirk Sijmons


Balances and Challenges of Integrated Practise – Toshiko Mori
The Luxury Of Reduction: On the role of Architecture in Ecological Urbanism –  Matthias Sauerbruch
Bank of America – Cook+Fox Architects
GSD RESEARCH. A Place in Heaven, A Place in Hell: Tactical Operations in Sao Paulo – Christian Werthmann, Fernando de Mello Franco, and Byron Stigge
In Situ: Site Specificity in Sustainable Architecture – Anja Thierfelder and Matthias Schuler
Progetto Bioclimatico – Mario Cucinella
Wangzhuang Eco-city of Agriculture – Arup
Ecosystemic Master Planning, DISEZ Region, Senegal – ecoLogicStudio
Vegetal City: Dreaming the Green Utopia – Luc Schuiten
Verticalism (The Future of the Skyscraper) – Iñaki Ábalos
Urban Prototypes – Raoul Bunschoten
Taiwan Strait Climate Change Incubator – Chora Architecture and Urbanism

The City – Ian McHarg

Illustration Credits


“Many progressive cities already  have active sustainability policies and procedures for the greening of the urban environment. But most of these plans are largely pragmatic, with a focus of energy reduction or the addition of Green spaces. The question is: Could such efforts be transformed by the approach of ecological urbanism? Couldn’t the everyday elements, needs, and functions of the city be creatively imagined in new and unconventional ways that are not simply subjugated to the imperative of the ecological?”